​Hello, Lovely!

​​I'm Sharon Parsons

I’m a small-town Canadian Pilates instructor, mobility specialist, mama, wife and lover of all things movement. Obsessed with: chocolate, animals, mountains and yoga pants. I've been keepin' it real since 1985.

Welcome to my Movement Life

There ain't no bodylike a Pilates body

The start of the journey

Growing up in Ireland, I loved being outside and playing sports. When we moved to Canada at the age of 15 (with all my family) it became clear: Canada is where I would live forever! From running around with friends as a kid; spending hours absorbing nature  – you could say that these early memories set me off into becoming an avid hiker/runner who loved exploring. I have been a runner and played many sports my whole life, including soccer. One day I started experiencing pain in the front part of my left leg near where it meets your shin-bone area - which is what they call "shin splints." It became hard for me to walk and eventually I had to quit running. At the age of 19, I joined my first Pilates class. Within 10 sessions my shin splits were completely gone (I only did MAT work). From this point on I picked up extra shifts at work to pay for me Pilates obsession and became an instructor through he STOTT Method.

Training + Education

At 23 after having my son, Ryder, I decided to go back to my Pilates training and started my Classical Pilates journey. After 18 months of training, I graduated from my Classical Pilates program and opened up a studio in 2013. In the 7 years since then, I've trained thousands of people for their various needs--including teaching others how to be better teachers! 


With the pandemic hitting, I knew that this was a time for a change. So in 2020 after following my dream of starting an online business and creating something new even if it meant leaving behind everything familiar, I launched my online Pilates studio with an incredible community who were excited to find their Pilates practice more accessible from home,


Where I am today = VIRTUAL + ONLINE

In my new role as an online Pilates teacher you can now take on-demand class, live virtual session, or a 12-week program anywhere, anytime.

Join our growing online Pilates Tribe!


I'm probably sipping on some tea or chlorophyll water while I daydream about ways to help other movement lovers find the passion and excitement they need in order to stay active at home. That way, they'll stay active and spend more time with their family & friends #LiveMoreSpendLess

 Yes, I am just your typical health nut. This is my ideal life! Drinking tea and water while dreaming up moves to get you out of that chair and on the floor with me (and maybe even some family)..



Online classes don't work for me. I am not disciplined enough!

Ok, I know, I get it. If I was, to be honest, I had a really tough time getting on my mat at home too! But once I started I realized the convenience of working out at home, sometimes for only 20 mins. It is about small consistent habits every day. Come join us! 

I am not flexible enough to do Pilates

Ok, that's like saying you are too dirty to take a shower. You practice Pilates TO BECOME flexible. You will feel better, move better and sleep better after 10 sessions. The work is in the small detail of the work! 

Who does Sharon not work with?

I don't work with people who want a quick fix. Pilates is like a slow marinade, the longer you wait, the better the results.I do work with people who show up for themselves, want to learn, and are open-minded to new ideas of movement. Pilates isn't about "the burn", it is about the small details.

What is the live interactive class??

Rather than throw a load of technobabble at you, we will keep this simple. Most of you would have taken Pilates classes in-person at some point, or maybe you are brand new to Pilates but you have taken a different fitness class in a group setting. Well, my interactive version is the same just through your laptop, phone, or iPad. Same information, same Pilates classes. Our community logs in every Tuesday at 9 AM! We move together, they laugh at my lame jokes and all feel better for staying accountable and showing up! For those that have busy lives, careers, looking after children or relatives or even just want to learn from the privacy of your home my class should be perfect you can join in anywhere........maybe the beach or garden


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