I’m a small-town Canadian Pilates instructor, mama, wife, and lover of all things movement. I've been keepin' it real since 1985.

I really had no idea where I'd end up, but I knew it had to be this way...

Hello there! My name is Sharon. I'm a seasoned Advanced Pilates instructor. I feel that everyone can live their happiest, healthiest life if they simply have the confidence, knowledge, and tools to do so - and that's where Pilates comes in. And that's precisely what I'm here to deliver. Life is already difficult enough, let's not add to the confusion with our Pilates workout. I'm here to push you hard, but in a way that's enjoyable, challenging, and attainable for everyone. When you first start Pilates, you might be eager to do every exercise perfectly. You'll quickly learn that this is impossible


Pilates is a practice, meaning it takes time and repetition to develop the skills required to do the exercises safely. There is no "right" way to do Pilates and this is what makes it so special. You are in control of your body and the work you put into practice. You will find that as your strength, flexibility, and endurance increase, the exercises will become easier. Be patient and allow your body to gradually adapt to the demands of the work. I will be with you every step of the day with my lame jokes, support, and expertise. Let's journey together!

  Where the story began...

Growing up in Ireland, I loved being outside and playing sports. When we moved to Canada at the age of 15 (with all my family) it became clear: Canada is where I would live forever! From running around with friends as a kid; spending hours absorbing nature  – you could say that these early memories set me off into becoming an avid hiker/runner who loved exploring. I have been a runner and played many sports my whole life, including soccer. One day I started experiencing pain in the front part of my left leg near where it meets your shin-bone area - which is what they call "shin splints." It became hard for me to walk and eventually I had to quit running. At the age of 19, I joined my first Pilates class. Within 10 sessions my shin splits were completely gone (I only did MAT work). From this point on I picked up extra shifts at work to pay for me Pilates obsession and became an instructor through the STOTT Method.

Training + Education

At 23 after having my son, Ryder, I decided to go back to my Pilates training and started my Classical Pilates journey. After 18 months of training, I graduated from my Classical Pilates program and opened up a studio in 2013. In the 7 years since then, I've trained thousands of people for their various needs--including teaching others how to be better teachers! 


With the pandemic hitting, I knew that this was a time for a change. So in 2020 after following my dream of starting an online business and creating something new even if it meant leaving behind everything familiar, I launched my online Pilates studio with an incredible community who were excited to find their Pilates practice more accessible from home,


I'm probably sipping on some tea or chlorophyll water while I daydream about ways to help other movement lovers find the passion and excitement they need in order to stay active at home. That way, they'll stay active and spend more time with their family & friends.

Yes, I am just your typical health nut. This is my ideal life! Drinking tea and water while dreaming up moves to get you out of that chair and on the floor with me (and maybe even some family)...


  My husband can be described as: supportive, hard-working, kind, family man #napking


  My son can be described as: kind, dedicated, driven, empathic and funny #latenightsnackattack

"What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals."

I'm all about

Obsessed with: chocolate, animals, weekend road trips, hiking, saying yes to adventures, a good book, cooking, tea, mountains, pottery, deep conversations and personal development.

I'm not about

Early mornings, kittens, cilantro, big crowds, drama tv, being cold, small talk.


The perfect



  • You are looking for a fun, challenging online Pilates class with an accountability partner and supportive community.

  • You are tired of stopping and starting fitness classes because you don't have the time or money.

  •  You want to learn Pilates from a Classical instructor with over 16 years of experience

  • You want to be a part of an online community that is supportive, encouraging and non-judgemental.

  • You are tired of having sore hips, a tight low back or neck and are ready to commit to a workout that you can do for the rest of your life.


Here's how I can help

Are you ready to begin your Pilates journey online? Do you want to start with the basics and work your way up to a STRONG BODY? Do you want someone who will hold you accountable?




Pilates is a great way to get fit and improve your overall health, but it can be tough to know where to start.

That’s why I offer a free mini-course that will give you a taste of Pilates – and the skills you need to get started.

In these 4 foundational classes, you will learn the basics of Pilates technique – from breathing and posture to alignment and movement. Plus, you’ll get access to our secret bonus that will help take your Pilates practice to the next level.

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