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Get back to feeling strong, calm, and confident in your own body - with programs for every stage of your journey..

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not sure where to start, what should I do?

I’ve got you! Check out the individual service page: 12 Week Beginner Course, On-Demand Membership, Livestream Membership, On-Demand + Livestream Membership, and 1:1 Private Class for a breakdown of who each program is for. Still have questions? Let’s hop on a free 15-minute call!

I want to lose weight, is Pilates the workout for me?

A simple answer to this: yes! Pilates can contribute to weight loss when done in part with other healthy practices – physical activity, good sleep, and eating habits. Think of Pilates as a building block to your overall wellness – where the benefits far outweigh any number on a scale.

Who do you work with?

Here’s the amazing thing about Pilates…it really is a suitable workout for any age, gender, or experience level. I love working with people who are determined, optimistic, and committed to improving their overall fitness. If you value a down-to-earth teaching style that is rooted in knowledge – we’ll hit it off!

Do you offer in-person sessions?

Yes! I teach Private Pilates session in Summerland at a physio clinic. I also offer Private sessions in your home, virtually, or outdoors in a park. All sessions are tailored to your individual needs, and I can provide small props like bands and rollers if needed. I also teach group classes at select locations around the Okanagan Valley. Please reach out for more information about class times, pricing, and availability!

I've tried so many workout programs already, what makes Pilates different?

Unlike other types of exercise, Pilates is low-impact and trains the body from the inside out. Its unique benefits include: increased energy and mobility, better posture and concentration, stronger core muscles, and stress relief. Bonus benefit: it’s a full-body, at-home workout that requires little to no equipment! 

What if I have more questions?

I love questions! For any concerns that aren’t addressed here, feel free to reach out to me on my contact form or DM on Instagram @sharonp.pilates

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