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  • Sharon Parsons

GETTING BACK ON TRACK! Let me be real for a moment!

Shutting down my previous business... was HARD.

Learning to create online content... was HARD.

Letting go of my inner critic: nearly impossible.

Letting go of external criticism: never easy.

Starting two new businesses has been A CHALLENGE. But the most challenging thing of all? Not accepting what my gut was trying to tell me.

The last six months were filled with opposition and internal conflict for so, so many of us.

I felt excited about change; but sad to let go of all my hard work.

I knew I was on the right track; but examined myself daily.

I felt strong enough to take on the critics; but heartbroken to know that I trusted someone who didn't have my back

I was devastated to lose clients; yet overjoyed by the strength of the community that remains.

I lost confidence; but my passion was at an all-time high.

As a lot of us learned this year, the healing was in the day to day:

Alone time, quiet time, walks with a friend, eating chocolate, hanging with the hubby, laughing with my kiddo, baking, petting my dog. Whatever it took daily to raise my low-level thoughts in the right direction. The truth is, falling in love with the process is the best gift you can give yourself. Making room for failures and evaluating them actually increased success.

Here is what I have learned…

When you aren’t clear on your vision you are going to trip up.

We are always going to have critics.

When people are critical they are merely looking at you, your situation, your words, your choices, your looks, you're whatever - through their lens of reality.

Here is what I know...

I love working with passionate, open-minded clients committed to improving their health, wellness and life.

I love to work with instructors who are driven to rise together.

I love that I can teach in my home and still reach MORE people online. I love the idea that I can share the practice of Pilates with a broader audience.

Most important… I have learned that our gut is our strongest asset, and that its inner compass will always lead the way.

Remember to take care of yourself! xo