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  • Sharon Parsons

How important is "HEALTH", and what does it mean to you?

For me, health is encapsulated into these three pillars: MINDSET, MOVEMENT, AND MINDFULNESS.

To take care of my health means that I need to prioritize these principles.




Your body is the vehicle in which you experience all things. Hugs, laying under the stars, phone calls, juicy hamburgers, sweet ice cream, climbing a mountain, Pilates, finding a new fishing hole. Every single moment of your life is experienced through your amazing body. Be kind to it. Move freely. Feed it what it wants, when it wants. Drink water. Work hard. Rest hard. I don't know, just stop wasting time trying to fit into society's mold because your body varies from the magazine cover. Celebrate your body's natural state!


  • We believe in moving our bodies daily.

  • We don't participate in negative self-talk.

  • We believe that strength will always be the sexiest attribute.

  • We have a desire to prioritize an integrated wellness routine.

  • We don't associate exercise with deprivation or punishment. We exercise because we love the way it makes us feel, physically and mentally.

  • We believe that making peace with our bodies and altering our inner dialogue is essential to real transformation.

  • We believe that listening to our intuition will create expansion in our daily lives.

  • We believe that taking care of ourselves helps us to show up better for others.

  • We know that we have more to give when we fill our cups.

  • We are all on our path. We understand that we are all in different stages of life and are working toward other goals. There is no ONE way to do things.

  • We LOVE Pilates. We love the way it empowers us. We love the way it reduces anxiety and calms our mind. And we love the results!

I consider myself lucky enough to have found a group of Pilates movers who share the same belief--that our bodies are so much more than what they look like. They are vessels meant to be used to bring us life through experience: to move us without pain, to be honoured, respected, pleasured, nourished and enjoyed. Welcome to our online Wellness movement tribe! Remember to take care of yourself! xo