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  • Sharon Parsons

How to start your Pilates journey online!

Congratulations, you're preparing to start your online Pilates journey! Whether it's pandemic induced, a busy schedule, or budget related - "virtual" Pilates is more popular than ever! If you've heard that this practice improves posture, strengthens our physical and mental physiques, and helps create a focused mind: it's all true!

Sometimes I end a class feeling as though I just finished an hour-long meditation, and other times I am dripping in sweat from the challenge of the individual moves. This is what I love about this practice: no matter how you are feeling, the result will meet you where you are. This is why the online experience may be the perfect compliment to your lifestyle. Whether you're in the mood for a restorative session, or are keen to try some of the more advanced, energetic workouts - variety is at your fingertips! I like to see it as an opportunity for "daily intuitive movement." An online, home based practice instead of a studio experience under the watchful eye of an instructor offers both advantages and challenges for the beginner. I am here to guide you through both.


We can make any Pilates mat class feel challenging using props like a fitness ring, flex bands, hand weights, or an arc barrel. However, Pilates work does not need equipment! Keep in mind that learning the Mat exercises with your own body as resistance offers plenty of challenge in it's own right. These exercises require no additional equipment other than a soft, supportive exercise mat, making them accessible for anyone exercising at home. Note: a regular yoga mat does NOT provide enough cushion for the spine, especially if you will be working out in an area with hard flooring. Try creating a "Pilates sandwich" and lay a blanket below and above your yoga mat!


It can be difficult to stay on track when working out on your own. To track your progress independently, try filming yourself on your phone performing exercises...these can be useful references to see how your progress flows. The Roll-Up move, for example, will reveal improvements in strength and flexibility over time.

  • Create a well lit space with plenty of room to move

  • Set the tone for movement: play some music, light a scented candle. Setting up a cozy space will encourage you to maintain your practice

  • The beauty of home workouts is you don't have to get dressed for a public outing: WEAR COMFY CLOTHES!

  • Unlike a traditional class, you can press pause anytime. Whether you need a breather, some water, to break up kiddo fight, or to go back to work... cater our offerings to your day!

  • No guilt, no regret! Embrace the flexibility and accessibility of working out at home

If you are looking for an online Pilates community, you can start on our platform anytime; no equipment necessary. You CAN do this, and you'll love the way it makes you feel. Join our monthly virtual live classes, stay on track with our weekly check-ins, and drop Sharon an email with any questions anytime.