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  • Sharon Parsons

I live an ordinary life.

Although my path may look different than yours, these are my guiding principles: to follow my passions, my gut, my heart, my soul, and my taste buds.

It all started when I became a Mother. Everything changed; I knew I needed to live the life I had dreamed of if I could inspire a child to do the same. I wanted to raise my son to feel deeply grounded in the essence of living — knowing that my words aren't the only things that teach. Knowing that the best way I can teach him anything is to live wholeheartedly, apply my guiding principles, and inspire him to apply his own.

When I was a little girl, all I dreamed of was being married to a family man, becoming a mother to four children, and living a life full of adventure. We would fill a big home, travel on grand adventures together, make great resumes, and fill up our passports jetting around the world.

The path I ended up taking looked a lot different from my vision. I was a solo parent for the first nine years of Ryder's life, I was running my own business, and I was renting a home in town. Only recently did I realize that I am living the life I envisioned back when I was 12 years old. I have all of the same things: the kid, the love, the home, the chaos. I've had my child, I have the puppy, I bought the house out of town and recently got married to the love of my life.

I believed that big moments, big goals, and big dreams were what I was chasing for a very long time. But 2020 has taught me a lot - that being content with a simple, ordinary life brings me the most happiness and contentment. Our days aren't extraordinary. My husband works 10 hour days. I have two jobs and a third business. I have a dog and a 12-year-old, lunches, dinners, laundry and self-care time.

I have come to realize that there are very few mountain top moments in life. Life is so much more about the blissful mundane. It takes a lot of bravery to live an ordinary life and find joy in each day. We miss so many sweet moments trying to cultivate the big ones.

What if our most significant potential as humans isn't about seeking all of the big moments; what if it is about waking up every day and having the perfect amount of cream for our coffee, walking down the stairs and catching our step at the last minute. Maybe it is about being deeply rooted in our ordinary lives. Everyday life is where the magic happens —cooking a home-cooked meal for my family on a chilly winter's evening, getting our coop ready for our chickens in the spring, walking our sassy golden retriever, nurturing my son through his teen years, and coaching my clients in the basement of our home.

Maybe it isn't about trying to make life bigger or more significant. Perhaps it's about standing in your ordinary life and finding the magic in every day. Most of our lives aren't extraordinary: we raise our children, find a spouse, build a business, and some may argue that we won't live up to our full potential unless we're chasing a big dream. But maybe this is the dream; perhaps this is what life is all about.

Maybe ordinary is the adventure.