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  • Sharon Parsons

That the work we do to heal our ourselves is the greatest work we will ever do.

I usually stay by myself when I am going through seasons of growth in my life. When all of this is done in the public eye, people assume that because you are “healing yourself” or “working on yourself," you are weak or broken. No one ever talks about the strength it takes to do the work. That the work we do to heal our ourselves is the greatest work we will ever do.

I have been going to therapy and doing inner work for the last two years. Healing me. Forgiving the old me for the decisions she made. I’ve read books, gone to workshops and listened to thousands of podcasts. I have surrounded myself with mentors, coaches and friends who have reminded me that evolving is work and it is never done.

So ladies, be brave enough to get uncomfortable for wholeness and depth. Be strong enough to be vulnerable. We need to start talking about our real lives - the ones with the stretch marks, the cellulite, the acne, the scars, the wrinkles and aging skin.

Being more vulnerable and admitting that motherhood, or life, isn't always glamorous helps us feel connected and supported. So many of us feel alone in our struggles, but we aren't. Our society doesn't celebrate seasons of growth as much as it celebrates burning out because you have been working too hard.

I'm done with that narrative. I want to write a different story of healing, growth, and strength.

So if this is a season of growth for you, know that you are not alone. And that it takes immense strength and courage to do the work to heal, evolve, lead yourself and get real. To stop numbing out and start living your life with intention and purpose.

They will tell you you are too much, feel too big, and are too sensitive. They will try to make you small so they don't have to feel their own pain. Keep going. You are exactly who the world needs right now - a woman who is unapologetically herself, healing her wounds so she can show up fully in the world and lead with her heart.

This is the work. It's not easy, but it is worth it. I promise.

PS....My husband has always been my number one fan, and lately, he's been pushing me to unlock all of this power. Here's to the men who aren't afraid of an empowered woman!