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  • Sharon Parsons

The one who loves me unconditionally

He is logical, steady, and a financial guru - my business mentor and sure thing on a Friday night. Cory does the laundry, empties the dishwasher, and he controls all our family's big financial decisions - and I happily let him take the reins. He is one of those rare guys who puts his family first and doesn't shy away from hard work. He is our protector, and I know I can always count on him to have my back. He reminds me to stay grounded and focused on reality. He is my preferred and best advisor in almost anything! We all rely on him for his wisdom, knowledge, and, most importantly, his Dad jokes.

While I am the complete opposite, I love to live in the stars, talk about all things spiritual, and plan our family's biggest dreams and hopes. I am the dreamer, the one who believes in the impossible, the one who forces him to talk about the purpose of life, and what really matters. I remind him that everything has meaning, and encourage him to do the inner work. I am the one attending spiritual retreats, reading the latest books on how to be present and in the moment, and striving for balance. I provide a safe space for him to land emotionally, holding his feelings in my heart and giving him room to be comfortable with them.

We complete each other, and we both understand how important the balance of logic and emotional intelligence is in our family. He brings the structured approach to life, while I bring out creativity and imagination. Our marriage is incredibly balanced, but we don't fixate on splitting everything evenly 50/50. We realize that as soon as you start matching an eye-for-an-eye, our problems will only grow.

We keep parenting at the center of our focus, always. We are a team and understand that our job is to create a safe home for him and be an example of what healthy relationships look like and we don't take that job lightly. We believe that parenting is about healing our wounds first , so that our son can lead a life full of love, freedom and compassion.

This is our love, and this is what I knew marriage would and could be like: we argue with passion and love with conviction.